A Holistic Approach To Your Child’s Development

We are dedicated to improving the well-being of children.

Under the supervision of one of our highly-trained aquatic therapists at Reliant Pediatric Therapy Services, our aquatic therapy program provides children with therapeutic treatments and exercises within a relaxed, soothing, safe environment. Aquatic therapy promotes physical function with the help of water buoyancy which provides movement support with less effort and stress on the joints and muscles.

Those diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, and traumatic brain injuries can benefit from this aquatic therapy. When performed correctly, aquatic therapy can:

  • Enhance Circulation
  • Increase Endurance
  • Reduce Muscle Spasticity
  • Improve Muscle Tone
  • Improve Self-Regulation
  • Enhance Postural Control
  • Increase Body Awareness
  • Relieve Joint Stress
  • Extend Range of Motion
  • Increase Stability
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Improve Metabolism
  • Improve Cardiovascular Functioning
  • Decrease Pain and Discomfort
  • and more

At Reliant Pediatric Therapy Services, our pool is Eco-friendly; it utilizes UV and Clear O3 Sanitation System, thereby ensures highest level of water purity.

Aquatic therapy sessions are conducted by therapists who have had training; some under the Aquatic Therapy University; a reputable evidence-based aquatic training company.


You can submit your service requests and inquiries online. For other concerns, contact us at 832-230-1518 for assistance.