A Holistic Approach To Your Child’s Development

We are dedicated to improving the well-being of children.

At Reliant Pediatric Therapy Services, our occupational therapists focus on helping children achieve independence with daily living skills. Occupational Therapy also addresses the development, restoration, and improvement of upper extremity strength, eye-hand coordination, gross motor functions, and fine motor functions.

Our occupational therapists focus on age-appropriate development and enhancement of occupational performance by addressing:

  • Activities of Daily Living Skills, such as feeding, bathing, grooming, dressing, etc.
  • Coordination
  • Sensory Information Processing
  • Perceptual Motor Skills
  • Academic Skills, including attention, handwriting skills
  • Social and Play Behaviors


For more information or service arrangements, call us at 832-230-1518. You may also send your requests and inquiries online.